Viv@ : the Virtual Interactive Village in the Ardèche
Viv@ is a project for communication between language students. Based in the Centre Départemental de Documentation Pédagogique (CDDP) de l'Ardèche, it is a virtual space where students can write about issues that interest them, invent characters and write stories about their interaction. Since students at different sites in France, in Poland, in Ireland, in Italy and elsewhere will be participating in the project over the year ahead, they can build on each other's stories and carry on conversations with their different partners, both in their native language and the target language that they are studying in school.

We will also be using the Viv@ forums to support our E-Twinning exchanges. Contact
David Bourgeois if you want to know more about E-Twinning and Viv@.

The virtual space where Viv@ is located is an open, dynamic environment that grows over time. Initially comprised of ten "buildings" or discussion forums (the Mairie or town hall, the Cinema, the School, the Sports Field and so on), the village can grow to include other shops and family dwellings as students propose new construction in the Mairie and their ideas are added to the interface. It is also possible for Students to send in pictures or drawings of their characters and places, and compose the texts that define and explain them.
design : Philip Benz
realization : Benjamin Friess, CDDP